Scope Do’s and Dont’s

Here are a few tips for you to get the best setup for your new or old scope when fitting it to your rifle. A well set up scope will give you a better chance of success in your hunting endeavours whilst a badly set up optic can be a source of failure and frustration. […]

Red Dot Sights

Whilst high magnification variable scopes are all the rage for your tactical rifle (whatever that is!), their use is somewhat limited by their specific characteristics. The good old optical triangle comes into play. The optical triangle refers to the relationship between magnification, field of view, and eye relief. This triangle is a very rubbery thing, […]

Quick Detachable Mounts

Further to our previous blog on scrub shooting, we wish to showcase several products that we sell which can enhance your shooting experience and bring you a degree of versatility that can be very useful in certain circumstances. While most people use and prefer a good, solid, non-detachable mount for attaching a scope to their […]

Scrub Shooting (Quality Rifle Scopes)

The Current Shooting Discussion Amidst the constant discussion about shooting, the current darlings of the sport are varmint and long range shooting, with high magnification scopes taking up a large portion of the discussion. Consequently, many rifles are bought or built to suit this burgeoning area of the sport. However, owners may find that these […]

Disturbing Trends Within The Firearms Industry

Full Speed Ahead Moving on, we are seeing some disturbing trends in the firearms industry. As we get closer to the end of the financial year, things have slowed, as is usual for the time of year, but the trade hasn’t really recovered as it should. Normally, a lull over the Christmas break which usually […]

Quality Rifle Scopes – The Answer In Hard Times

The Arctic Fox Scopes Viewpoint As the economic situation continues to deteriorate, it’s getting harder to justify spending the big dollars on your hunting equipment. That, plus looming legislation, puts plenty of pressure on the wallet. In Tasmania, come December, we’re told that shooters who have ten guns or more will be required to have […]

Our new website is online

The new Arctic Fox Optics website is now up and running. You’ll notice we’ve we’ve got a great new design, and we’ve added some new features to help you like product search and sorting. Our blog will be updated regularly so please check back to see what’s new. We’re committed to bringing you the best […]