Fixed power riflescopes.

4×40 and 6×40 are very versatile scopes, simple to use and suitable for a range of calibers including .22 rimfires.

Variable power riflescopes.

Starting from the 1-5 through the 3-9, and up to the 6-24 powers, we have a large range of options to cover any use you can think of. From hunting through to target or varmint, we have a scope for you. Our scopes have a variety of features, depending on the model. From choice of reticle to front or side parallax, illuminated reticles, sunshades, flip up covers, target adjustments for windage and elevation, or normal low profile adjusters with protective covers. Available features are listed in the individual product descriptions. Choose the features that suit you the best.

Red dot and reflex and prism sights.

We have a range of options here, but basically, this group of optics is suitable for closer range hunting of fast moving game, with fast target acquisition and clear bright reticles a priority. The majority of this class of optics will fit straight on to common Weaver style or picatinny rails. The prism scopes are usually of a fixed 2.5x or 3x power magnification.

Compact riflescopes.

The 2-7, 3-9×40 and the 3-9×42 IR scopes are for compact or lightweight rifles where weight and size is an issue. Ideally suited for lever action , pump action and compact bolt action rifles.

Airgun scopes.

Available models are the 4×32, the 2-7×32 and a 3-12×40. Built tough to withstand the pounding given to them by modern spring/piston rifles. The lenses are held in place using a different method than usual because of this. Also, parallax adjustment is provided down to the closer ranges that air rifles can be used at. These scopes are also suitable for .22 rimfires where a tough scope is needed.

Laser sights.

Max power < 5mW

We have two models laser sights, the ND51-19 red laser suitable only for night use or use in sheds and other outbuildings. The GL-8XY is a green laser suitable for use over a spotlight or daytime in lower light conditions. Both can be attached to firearms or scopes using a variety of options.

Laser/torch combo.

GF001 is a green laser torch combination where either the torch or the laser can be used, or both together. 200 lumen torch and the combo attaches to Weaver or Picatinny rail. Suitable for rifles, shotguns or handguns.

Laser bore sighter

A very popular green laser model which is easier to see than our superseded red laser model. Fits calibres from .17 through to .50 calibre rifles and handguns and also fits 20, 16 and 12g shotguns.

Laser range finder.

NRF05-0625 (6×25)
This LRF will measure from 5 metres to 600 metres. Solar or battery powered. Measurement can be in either yards or metres.

Rings and bases.

We have a number of bases to suit various rifles from the early Enfield .303s to current Ruger Scout Rifle Rail ( full piece) ,Tikkas and Steyr rifles, with new models being added on a regular basis. We also have 3/8’ to Weaver adaptors to enable the use of Weaver rings on your rimfire dovetails. See our listings for your application.

Our aluminium rings suit both Weaver and 3/8’ dovetail style bases. They come with four screws and are wider for better and stronger clamping. Both one inch and 30mm tube scopes are catered for in our comprehensive range.

We also have military style Weaver rings which have six screws for the ultimate in strength and a range of quick release rings for specialised requirements.


From combination trigger locks to QD sling swivels, bipods, bipod foregrips to fit picatinny rails, torch and laser mounts and reducing bushes to fit your 1” tubed scope to our 30mm rings.