Terms & Conditions – Warranties

Arctic Fox Optics as manufacturer, warrants each new precision optical product to be free of original defects in materials and/or workmanship for the length of time specified. This warranty does not include damage caused by abuse, improper handling, installation, maintenance , normal wear- and- tear , unauthorized repairs or modifications and only to products purchased in Australia and New Zealand. In the event of a defect within 30 days, the consumer must return the defective unit to the Arctic Fox dealer ( the place of purchase) at his/her own expense. Beyond 30 days, Arctic Fox products should be sent to the following address for warranty repairs. products must be packed carefully to prevent damage in transit, and return freight paid to:

Arctic Fox Optics: 48 Beringarra Ave, Malaga. WA. 6090

For additional and updated information please visit our web site at  www.arcticfoxoptics.com.au

NOTE: For Warranties on individual products see each product listed on our web site.

Please email Рinfo@arcticfoxoptics.com.au or call 08 9248 9235 for a Return Merchandise Number (RMA#) before any returns. NOTE: All merchandise received  without a valid RMA will be returned to shipper at his/her own expense. Please include all of the following when returning Arctic Fox products for service and or replacement:

1. Please write your complete details (Name, Address, Telephone Number, E-mail address, RMA# etc
2. Purchase receipt or proof of purchase. (Original Copy)
3. A brief explanation of the defect.
4. Payment of $20.00 to cover inspection, shipping and handling.
5. The return procedure is to be adhered to unless prior approval from Arctic Fox.

Note: If the product is deemed a genuine warranty Arctic Fox will replace or repair at the discretion of the warrantor. If it is a discontinued item, we will replace the product with an equivalent product. Should the repair not be covered by this warranty, an estimate will be sent for your approval.

Arctic Fox Optics shall not be liable for any consequential, incidental and/or contingent damages whatsoever. This warranty supersedes all previous Arctic Fox warranties.